Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Puppy Supplies

Here's a quick list of supplies to obtain before bringing your puppy home.

Adjustable Collar & Lead- ask your breeder the size of your puppy’s neck, Norwich puppies are usually 6-7”, toy breeds should wear harnesses rather than collars for leading, since they have fragile tracheas
Food & Water Bowls- stainless is preferred by some, but when washed and kept sanitary, crocks and plastic are ok too, match your d├ęcor!
Food- ask your Norwich Terrier breeder what brand they use, feed a premium puppy formula until 1yr of age
Crate- large enough for the puppy to stand and turn around comfortably (24-30" long for the adult Norwich Terrier), but not so large that they can potty on one end and sleep on the other, wire crates with a divider that can be moved as puppy grows works very well
Crate bedding- washable towels or waterproof liner, if puppy repeatedly soils their crate remove the bedding so that they are uncomfortably wet to encouraged them to hold it
Training Treats- small and easy to keep in your pocket for rewarding your puppy
Chew Treats- for teething puppies
Shampoo- dog shampoo only, never use human shampoo, they have a different ph balance
Between Bath Spray- handy to freshen up between baths
Puppy play pen and/or puppy gates- offer an appropriate play area to protect your carpets and keep your puppy safe
Potty accident clean up supplies- a carpet cleaner/ sanitizer to clean up accidents
Booster Car Seat, harness, or crate for safe travel in the car- appropriately restrain your puppy during travel
Dog Bed- used not only for comfortable sleeping outside of the crate, but for training purposes
Toys- appropriate for age and breed size, too small of toys for your breed is a choking hazard, puppies need comfort toys, chew toys, and things that are interesting and stimulate them
ID tag- all dogs and puppies should wear an ID tag with your contact information
Sweater, Jacket, or Coat- for cold or wet weather, dogs and puppies acclimated to indoor temperatures need protected from weather
Soft Sided Carrier/hand bag- handy for small dog breeds and puppies, used for airline travel or carrying in public
Books on Training- don’t wait for puppy classes to start training, learn how to crate train and start your puppy’s training before bringing them home

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