Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Norwich Terrier Breed

Have you asked yourself why it's so hard to find a Norwich Terrier puppy, and why they are so pricey? The Norwich Terrier is one of the hardest breeds to breed. They are prone to more complications, and are harder to get pregnant. I've had a terrible time settling Calli, our AKC champion. It breaks my heart because she's so adorable! I want puppies from her so badly! We'll keep trying and see how it goes. I feel terrible for the families waiting for a puppy, but thankfully they understand that we're only working with nature.

We are moving to a new home this fall, so we'll be making do until we have a new play yard built for the Norwich. We hope to have a litter by Morgan this fall, but if things are too hectic with moving and/or building a new home, we may have to postpone litters until next summer. The updates will be here or on the puppies page.

When reading about the statistics of the puppies born in the US, it's amazing that anyone can find a puppy. Compared to 60,000 Golden Retrievers registered in the US per year, only 800 Norwich Terriers are registered. This is amazing! As I watch for more lines to add to my breeding program in the future, I'm amazed at all the faux Norwich advertised that are brindle in color, or have black points. I pointed it out to one breeder in a friendly way, and she said she had the papers as Norwich. But people! That doesn't mean they aren't forgeries, fraudulent, and you're propetuating the problem!!! Does anyone else care that they aren't even a breed they're advertised to be!? Some may be ignorant, but I've educated myself in my short time as a breeder and I think some choose to turn 1 cheek and they don't want to try to better the breed. It's very lonely and difficult to find consciencous breeders that aren't more interested in their own motives.
Does anyone just really love the TRUE Norwich Terrier breed and want to breed healthy puppies with good temperment and conformation for the purpose of loving them, and not just for the sake of titles? Please contact me if you do! I want to meet some loving Norwich Terrier friends who live by the golden rule!